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GIA Style Alert // Unique Wendy Pale OMG Beautiful.

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Morning. Why is it that I seem to post more on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays? I really wonder. Is it like this for everyone?! Do you have days that you realize you post most on? I have to wonder is it because most designers are releasing same time of the week or perhaps its just me doing pictures all early week? hmm. Enough of my blabbering. Unique released a new skin “Wendy” on Tuesday. I’m thrilled to have gotten my hands on this skin pack and tell you all about it.
Wendy is beautiful. And I don’t mean aww that’s so pretty. I mean WOW. Jaw Dropping, Traffic Jamming, Miss Universe BEAUTIFUL. The makeups are very clean and realistic. The Wendy eyes are crystal clear blue color with flakes of light green. They are gorgeous and expressive. Something we all search for. Wendy comes with the 12 ( YES 12! )makeup choices below. There are also two teeth options which is perfect for photos. Teleport to Unique and pick up your new skin today. If These beautiful makeup options arn’t enough for you ( you crazy gal you ) you’ll be happy to know that you get the option of cleavage ( both tattoo and skin options ) and freckles. awww. Who doesn’t love freckles? + hair base options. Have a lovely weekend. XO’s. Vi.

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