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GIA Style Alert//Lelutka Gorgeous Hairs

Posted in Fashion Review, Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Alert, Style Card, Style of the Day, Update @ 10:43 am on November 5th, 2010 by amaliafoxtrot | 46 views

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How is everybody doing today? Looks like I have some super great new releases from my favorite store .You know ,I am all for high quality items and I won't disappoint you today .As you can see the blog is getting more and more style cards/day and I am very happy to see my bloggers back. Anyway I think it's time to talk about the new hair releases from Lelutka^^.

I am going to start with the gorgeous hair named Ofra. I am wearing the blonde fun version and I can't tell you how much I love it. The scarf comes in a color change version. It is probably one of my favorite .I think it looks even better with a pair of sunglasses. Makes you look very fashion .For sure this is one of the reasons why you should visit Lelutka.

Next hair is named Cleo .I especially like to wear this while I am dressed for business meetings .I find it a perfect match for it .The hair looks gorgeous on everybody ,like always I am presenting you the blonde version. This time Lelutka left us speechless with their new designs.

And the last hair is wearing the name of Swift.It comes with a color change version of the headband ,so you can match it with the rest of the outfit .It's a long hair and like the other 2 I got blonde for this too.The texture it's simply breathtaking ,well done for this too.

I told you that Lelutka are extremely good at virtual world fashion .This style alert is an evidence of how gorgeous they can be .That's why I invite you today at their mainstore for our daily shopping .Love you and see you there ,xoxo Ama

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

Hair: Ofra-Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Hair:Cleo -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

Hair:Swift -Lelutka/Designer:-Lelutka Staff
Available at the Lelutka Mainstore

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