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GIA Style Alert//New releases by NYU

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It’s all about fashion .That’s what I tell to people when they ask me about my life .I breath and eat fashion ,it’s my favorite thing’s my hobby .That’s the reason why I am always so happy when I am able to present you some new releases from second life ,because I have the chance to experiment my favorite thing –“Fashion”

NYU is a pretty new store that joined our list and which I felt in love with .The designer is named NyuNyu Kimono and she is a genius when we talk about mesh things .You definitely must visit her mainstore.

This week she released some new fabulous designes that left me speechless .The first ones are these simply stunning sun glasses named Nicole that come in 2 different packs: light and dark colors .Definitely a must have for sunny days.

Next thing is something I really enjoyed ,the new Minimal Leather Heels .They are very elegant ,every time when I wear them I feel like a true business woman .Of course like all her designs,many colors of this product can be found at the mainstore.

I so need to talk about their bag releases .I am a bag maniac both in real life and second life,so I am always very enthusiastic to blog these kind of things. Brushed Leather Bags I think goes well with the minimal leather heels ,as both of them are very business style .Of course with a little bit of mix and match you can transform this bag in something very casual.

The other bag reminds me of summer days on the beach,maybe it’s because of the unusual shape.Called Suede ,you can find it in many colors at the NYU mainstore.

Ready for shopping my girls?Take the taxi to the mainstore ,and get ready to style up that beautiful dolls with new releases from NYU. I will be back very soon ,xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Sunglasses (Mesh) :Nicole FatPack—NYU/Designer: NyuNyu Kimono
Available at NYU mainstore

Footwear(Mesh) :Minimal Leather Heels FatPack—NYU/Designer: NyuNyu Kimono
Available at NYU mainstore

Bag 1 (Mesh) : Brushed Leather Bags —NYU/Designer: NyuNyu Kimono
Available at NYU mainstore

Bag 2 (Mesh) : Suede Bags —NYU/Designer: NyuNyu Kimono
Available at NYU mainstore

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  1. NyuNyu says:

    omg super love!!!! ur photos and review are so awesome! thank u so much! ♥

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