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GIA Style Card // Casual Fall Style of the Day

Posted in Featured News, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style News, Style of the Day, Update @ 8:37 am on November 5th, 2010 by VBatriani | 39 views

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Morning Everyone.  O.M.G. It’s Cold.!  

ok. ok. So maybe I exaggerated a little with the style card. Its not snowing YET. So then why does it feel like it is? Truth be told I love the fall and winter seasons the most.

OK Anyways, I was out looking around at some of my favorite stores and I seen this little Sweater and Ribbed Tank combo from Fishy Strawberry. Of course, it was sooo darling that I had to run back here and show all you guys! “Knit Sweater” in ” Powder” was created by Fae Eriksen. It features quite a few different   styling options. 1. as the way Im wearing it in the photos above – with the tank underneath and tucked into my Fishy Strawberry Gonzo Unisex Jeans. 2. Tank un-tucked. 3. no tank underneath. 4 no tank + no prims. and 5. no prims + tank. I love items with versatility. The Knit sweater comes with arm cuffs attaching to the arms and hands for a more realistic look, warm over sized collar, upper arm prims ( not shown ) and my favorite part about it – the faded/worn out prim bottom. The thing about sweaters, ( even if they ARE one of my favorite clothing items ) is that usually they are so darn bulky that some where in there, your figure dissapears. What I love about the way Fae created this is that you get a glimpse of whats underneath then your mind paints in the rest.

The Jeans are also from Fishy Strawberry. Titled Gonzo Jeans Unisex. Im showing Rain. Every one comes in two options – loose and skinny. They also come with two separate prim cuff options one for males and one for females. Perfect if you and your man are into styling alike. Stop by Fishy Strawberry today and check out all 8 colors of this cozy “Knit Sweater”. I promise you wont regret it.

Vi ( Who is not freezing anymore! )

“Knit Sweater” & Gonzo Jeans – Fishy Strawberry
Skin: Tyranny Designs Dinah in Fall – Toast -poppy
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Kim – Brown Shades
Shoes: [Coquette.] Rock*Starz – Converse ( old group gift )
Belt:   EarthStones Leather & Laced Belt – Chocolate

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