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GIA Style Card // Classy – Casual & Everything In-Between

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Good evening readers. I have 2 outfits to show you this evening. One very classy and another very casual. Both by Kathrin Pearl.

The classic Rosaly dress is a reminder that simple can definitely be stunning. The front of this irresistible gown is decorated with beautiful red roses that start at the top left of the bodice and wrap around your right thigh on the skirt. The back is kept open with a deep plunging cutout that travels down to meet the skirt.

This gold necklace with matching ruby is included in the ensemble. As well as the matching red cluster hooped earrings and two bracelets. The bracelet I’m wearing on my left hand is also embellished with three rubies.

Kathrin is also encluding 2 matching handbags. Both handbags with different attachment points. One complete outfit, One low price – makes Rosaly a great buy. If white isn’t your thing. Stop in and pick up the black. OR just pick one of each. The great thing is they are no copy/yes trans. So if your anything like me, and like to dress like your bff sometimes ( OK a lot! ), *KPD* has you covered.

Lets move to a casual ensemble, if we may. Rabable is a great outfit for a warmer winter day. Perhaps while you go shopping with your friends. Or if your with your partner watching a football game. Because, hunny, you KNOW we always have to look great for our partners, even if we are just lounging on the couch! ( OK, now I need this in blue and orange for Duh Bears! * giggles *) So come on girls show a lot of sexy skin for our partners with Radable. Pants cropped just below the knees & A DEEEEP plunging neckline will make sure he’s watching you, not the game.



Style Credits:

Outfit 1: *KPD* Rosaly in White By Kathrin Pearl

Outfit2 *KPD* Rabable By Kathrin Pearl

Hair 1: Bliss Couture Monica By Amutey Decuir

Hair 2: PR!TTY Runway Model Hair By karla marama

Skin 1: *REDGRAVE* Ashley2 Red makeup in Pale Tone By Emilia Redgrave.

Skin 2: ALEIDA Ingrid II Autumn makeup in Sunkiss Tone By Aleida Rhode.

Shoes 1: *KPD* A La Dorne Heels White By Kathrin Pearl

Shoes 2: *KPD* Rabable Shoes By Kathrin Pearl

P.S. I’m terribly sorry if these images seem a little smaller. Im enjoying playing around with the SL Shadows. But, for some reason I can’t take snapshots. Either the shadows don’t show or the snapshot is blank and black. Anyhow, Im using screen capture. If anyone konws hot to fix this I would love you forever. Find these on my flickr. Like always!

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