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GIA Style Card// Down Jacket

Posted in Update @ 8:24 am on December 3rd, 2009 by admin | 30 views

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Hello everyone, here I am again, presenting to you another outfit for you to stay warm this winter in-world. As the temperature continues to drop in real world I feel it is necessary to give myself in-world more warm clothing as well as in my real life, especially with the cold and flues going around and that is why I thought of down jacket.
The down jacket you see here is a variation of what my co-stylist, Miss Amalia Foxtrot presented in a few post back, but the difference is, this is a free version. Yes, that is right boys and girls, you do not have to pay for this jacket, and it is a lucky chair item at Mimi's choice main store. The jacket itself comes for both, man and woman, notice that for us guys, the jacket is within a box which you get when you first unpack the main box. In other words, Guys, We have to unpack twice to get our jacket. In this picture, I am using actually the sculpt body part of the jacket for woman because for the guys, there is no fur hoodie prim part available but don't you worry about the editing, the body sculpt prim part comes with a resizing script so it is an easy task. The sweater and the cargo pants are from Zanzo. The Sweater comes with a very detail texture with both shirt and overcoat layer as well as sculpt prim collar and sleeves and the pants comes with 2 versions of prim cuffs and pocket, with resize script or without it. I picked out this pair of cargo from 5 similar designs because of the Chinese dragons on them which reminds me of my own roots.

I also am wearing the deka logo belt from sey, it comes with a color change script and there are 5 different logos to choose from, ROCK, LOVE, KISS, GOLD and GLAD.
The skin I am using is an old freebie skin which is no longer available, the tone is a little darker than what I usually have on myself but the contrast with the white part of the outfit makes it stands out more. The hair is Zoin Casa Cheerno which comes with a color change script.

Here are the details to the style:

Hair: Casa Cheerno Studio: ZioN [MochA] (Color change)

Down jacket: ::Gabriel::: DownJacket_RED (Lucky chair item at Mimi’s choice)
Turtle neck: *Zanzo* : Merino Turtleneck Sweater (Pyrenees)
Pants: *Zanzo*:Divine Lizard Cargo Pants
Belt: :sey:DekaLogoBelt “ROCK” (Color change)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit:UBU Drunks (Color change)

I hope that everyone enjoys this style card and I hope to see you all on my next post.


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