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GIA Style Card //Enough elegance for today :)

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Hey guys how are you?Today i am going to present a fantastic outfit that can be casual and formal in the same time..and of course you can wear it as a business outfit too .Today is the style card where we will look elegant and will rock the day when we are going to try sky everett hair and of course a pair of shoes from B&G..and i will show you an fantastic Soul come with me and let me present you the best look.

We will start with the amazing outfit from the famous shop named Tres Beau.This outfit is a tribute to the well known designer Coco Chanel,and it’s one of the outfit that i think will fit the most in the wardrobe of an elegant person.With the name of Frolic,it can be found at their mainstore.The thing that makes this outfit so special are the Sleeves ,they are white and very big and are the thing that makes this outfit a elegant business one too.And the best part is that with the pack you get a pair of ear rings too that fits 100% with the outfit.If you like style and want to look great everyday,my advice for you is to run as soon as possible to the Tres Beau mainstore and find this outfit.

How i already said this is a elegant outfit,so the hair must be a bit more different from the usual one.We have to look for sophisticated hair and no the usual casual one..and the best shop to start with is Sky everett.After just one tour i found exactly what i was looking for ,the Kiera black .The key of this hair is that it fits amazing with the outfit,so will make our lives a lot easier.It’s sophisticated so i can name it a elegant hair too and so easy to wear it.Sky evertt is open all time for you,so why not to take a visit and see the new releases too?

As for the skin i wanted something with a different make up.I got bored of the usual natural make up,so this time i made a visit to my favorite skin designers Soul,and take a look.Of course like always i felt in love with the models skins so i used one of them..i loved the Tiffany a lot,and the make up that fitted the best with this outfit was the one with the very red lips.That made myself fall in love with this look.I can truly name it an amazing style.But in the same store together with Tiffany you can find a lot of other skins one better than another so why not to take a visit?

And before we end this style card we will talk about the last thing the shoes.Since [as i realized]the main color is black we need to find black elegant shoes.And i already show you it in the other cards..and yes..i am talking about the B&G Shoes,they are the perfect choice .Wearing the name of B&G WOMAN SHOE BETSY – NEGRO this fantastic shoes can be found very easy at the B&G mainstore together with other top designs so let’s not lose time and make a visit at their mainstore ^^.

-Shopst List-

Dress: Frolic Outfit /Designer: Kimmera Madison
Available ONLY at Tres Beau Shop

Hair:-Kiera black — Sky Everett/ Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett Mainstore

Skin: Tiffany female skin – Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

Shoes WOMAN SHOE BETSY – NEGRO – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

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