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GIA Style Card // GaGa Inspired

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 Good Morning everyone. How are you doing?  Today I was in a very  Gagalicious mood, which actually happens quite a lot!  I am definitely more of a rock kinda girl. But I really do adore Lady Gaga so much. Her music, costumes and attitude  are  all very inspiring.  

Kathrin Pearl was generous enough to share this outfit with me for this blog. Ahhh-mazing. I love this. It fits completely with my mood today. Instantly I was reminded of when Lady Gagaperformed on American Idol. She wore that uber  sexy costume that had EVERYONE talking. Must be were Kathrin pulled her inspiration from too. * giggles * I added the link to the performace at the bottom of the page. Check it out. You wont regret it.

For those of you  that arn’t afraid to bare it all – The Sheer PlaySuit can be worn with out the bra and  panties.  The  gold necklace and  belt I’m wearing are included in the ensemble.    I paired the PlaySuit with Saffron Pumps from LeLutka  , Silvia in Pearl  hair from 3636 and the new Redgrave Skin Ashley in Pale. I’ve been meaning to make a style alert about this skin. But Ive been so darn busy.    The cute   Pose Frame   I used is from >MZ<. I definatly had a LOT of fun playing around wiht this durring my shoot. Thank you so much Monica Zemenis. The photo below was my inspiration for today’s styling. I hope that you enjoy.

I highly recomend everyone thats in a gagalicious mood or looking to heat up their partners desire to stop in *KPD*today and grab this Sheer PlaySuit for yourself. If your a partner looking for something sexy to get your significant other be sure to stop in also. Clothing is No Copy | No Mod | YES Trans. Perfect for gifting! I just realized that I’ve been neglecting to mention that *KPD* also has a store on the Marketplace. So sorry everyone. Check it out here

Style Credits:

Cloting: *KPD* Sheer PlaySuit in Black and White by Kathrin Pearl

Skin: REDGRAVE Ashley2 Pale Skin Red Makeup by Emilia Redgrave

Pose Frame: >MZ< Pose Frame 2 by Monica Zemenis

Hair: 3636 Silvia-Pearl by dianny3636 Aeon

Shoes:LeLutka Saffron Pumps in Soft Silver & Neutral Black by Minnu Palen

Braclettes: [glow] Studio thin gold bracelets ( old gift ) by Jocelyn Anatine

Ring: PRIMALOT Glam Rock Queen by Manya McMahon

 Lady Gaga performs on American Idol  


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2 Responses to “GIA Style Card // GaGa Inspired”

  1. Patty says:

    Awww, crazy how it looks really close to the photo! Sheer-through designs are pretty audacious, you can’t expect less from Gaga :p Great post, Vi!

  2. amaliafoxtrot says:

    That’s simply gorgeous^^..
    I so love gaga <3 and the style is magnific:X
    BTW look at her how skinny she is ..OMG<3
    Gorgeous artist ,breathtaking style.

    You made it super^^

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