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GIA Style Card // Hello, Hello Baby.

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My telephone!   Like I said in my previous post, 50L Friday had a lot of nice things this week.   Probably my favorite of them all were the items from Epoque.   They sold a Lady Gaga inspired telephone headband and telephone undies! I loved the Telephone music video for Lady Gaga so of course it would be fitting for me to by these items. They’re really cute and are awesome to use for pics.   The hair I’m wearing in this pic is a gift from Shag.



The skin I’m wearing for this look is from &Bean.   I really love the lips and the eyes!   The skin is free in the &Bean group.   The tank I’m wearing in this pic is from !ohmai and is a freebie.   It’s really cute and comes in a million colors.   In the background I’m using a prop from (pda) which is no longer available.   It was an exclusive for Pose Fair. But, if you missed Pose Fair, it’s going to be staying open as a poser’s sim.   It will not have all the exclusive items, but it will still have a lot of pose shops!


Hair: [Shag] – La La Love Me – onyx | Sebastien Aries

Skin: &Bean – Hounds of love LIGHT Nyckelpiga dark brow | Keiko Morigi

Tank: !O: Basics Boyfriend Racerback [Blank] | Anya Ohmai

Undies: (epoque) Unisex Briefs – Stop Callin’ // Pink | Vintage McMillian

Headband: (epoque hair) Stop Callin’ Headband – Lemon | Vintage McMillian

Poses: (pda), oh my stars

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