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GIA Style Card Hyper Couture + 24 Shoo Shoes

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Hi Hi Everyone. I hope that everyone had a fantastic Halloween and that your bellies are filled with lots of yummy candies and creamy chocolatey goodness! I sure know mine is. * groans * But anyways, Today I’m showing you this amazing outfit – A new dress from Hyper Couture paired with a favorite from 24 Shoo Shoes! So, with out further ado lets get started.

The Pret-A-Porter – Aphrodite from Hyper Couture is an amazing vibrant couture dress in golden hues. The creams, golds and tans are perfect fall colors. The skirt is two attachments and consists of layers upon layers of cascading sculpties. The crochet-inspired top travels up to meet with a matching silky collar.

I am so happy that Elikapeka is back. And with her she has brought along an entire arsenal of new hairstyles. I choose to match this dress with ” Rumor 2. ” I love the positioning of the bangs here. They fall gently around the face + the little baby bangs on the forehead are super cute!

Decorating my stems ( and I do mean decorating ) are these Wow! No. 22 shoes from 24 Shoo Shoes. 2408 really deserves a bow and a round of applause for these fan favorites. The amount of hard work that is poured into these shoes is very evident. Delicate little swirls adorn the ankle of these beauties, they continue down the inside of the foot and are found again across the toes. Hot melted metal drips down the outside and also forms the heel. A diamond – the tourniquet – stops the flow of the metal cooling it in place. They do say a diamond is a girls best friend!

Click the picture for a link to 24 Shoo Shoe's Flickr

2408 Alekseev has kindly allowed me use of the   advertisement photo which Im going to also offer to show you. Its not fair to you that my computer didn't catch the details as perfectly as the advert can. BTW, currently, these work-of -art shoes are 30% off!

Currently this gorgeous dress is only offered at the lm provided below – and who knows for how long. I Also don't know how long the sale of these 24 Shoo Shoes will last either. So hurry, run, to the included landmarks and get your copies today!

XO  Vi

Dress: Hyper Culture – outfit location: mainstore:

Shoes: 24 Shoo Shoes – Flickr:

Hair: Elikapeka –

Skin: LAQ ~ Martina in Peach –

Poses: Body Talking & [LAP]

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