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GIA Style Card \\ *KPD* Cas-u-ahhh

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Hello dear readers. Hope your week is going good. Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates. It makes me think this year. What am I thankful for?  Good  health, friends and family,  the fact this Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry fruit smoothie I just made up tastes so good! YAY! And also I’m thankful for *KPD* – to sending me all of this yummy things Im about to show you today and in the next few days as well.

The Ripped Jeans Outfit is a sexy two piece that’s perfect for going clubbing or hanging out with your partner. Skin playfully peeks out from the many rips on the pants and top. The Jeans are Capri’s, riped at the bottom and matching in style with the rest of the rips on the outfit. The asymmetric shirt is short & leaves lots of tummy to show off. A Belt, Arm Band, Bracelet, Earrings and Necklace are all included. Great for styling on the fly!


.I’ve paired the “Ripped Jeans Outfit” with boots also from *KPD* called “A La Rochel Boots”

A La Rochel is a midcalf sculpted boot, available in 10 pretty colors/styles. It features a slouched back. A strap wraps around the ankle and is  secured  with a golden buckle.


Should I not manage another post before Thanksgiving I hope that everyone that celebrates has a great one. Hope you fill your bellies with  plenty of turkey, cranberry sauce and pies! In the meantime, Check out *KPD* and  stay tuned for some more designs coming…. soon!


 - Vi


Outfit – Ripped Jeans Outfit *KPD* @

Boots – A La Rochel *KPD* @

Skin – River Dutch Touch @

Hair – Preem Tukinowagumas @


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