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GIA Style Card // Leather & Demin

Posted in Update @ 1:28 am on January 9th, 2010 by admin | 14 views

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Hello all, Great news, Men Fashion Week just open yesterday at 8 am. This event is held at Kmadd Events sim and it will be up till the 16th. Each day there will be special events, fashion shows, parties with live DJs and much more.

You may wonder, why did I just mention the event in my style card blog today? Well as I said on my last store review, Gabriel was to launch a new product in these days and it is an exclusive at MFW. The ::GB::Denim Shirt &Leather jacket SET

I saw this at the Gabriel official blog and I was looking forward on getting it as soon as it came out. The set can be worn in 3 styles, only the black leather jacket, only the demin shirt, or both together. Each style with its respective prim sleeves and collars. There are 3 different demin shirt colors to choose from, blue, gray and red which is the one I am showing here. Inside the Gabriel “booth” at the event, you will also find a gift which is another version of the demin shirt in white. Now this white shirt can also be worn with the jacket but it is a little more tricky as you will have to adjust the collar to attach to chest and not to spine to be able to fit both collars.

I went through my inventory looking for a pair of jeans that matches this shirt and jacket and after trying on countless pairs of jeans and pants, I finally settle down for one of my favorite pair of jeans, these jeans are from Valiant and I choose it because the fitting looks tighter than most of my other jeans. Also it comes with a textured belt which I am usually not a big fan of because I prefer primitive which makes things look more realistic but in this case it still help to the look

Originally I wanted to use a pair of riders leather gloves, but I am sure that most people will be using the same for their blog which made me decide to give up the idea and go for something different, in this case, I am using the finger tapes which are a dollarbie from Luck inc, these tapes comes in 2 varieties, tape only or with black nail polish.

As for the shoes I am using the Loridae in tan by ordinary, I got these from a stylist friend long time ago and I still use them every now and then just because they do go with almost any outfit I can think of. :p

The hair is as usual from UncleWeb Studio (I just love that store) and this is one of the news from the 7R line which cost more than the normal UW.St hairs but with the flexible prims and the detail of the texture, I think is worth every linden.

Here is the style sheet for today's look:

Hair: Uw.St: [Uw.7R] Aj-Hair size-L Oriental brown
Jacket & Shirt: ::GaBriel::: DenimShirt RED&Leather jacket SET
Jeans: *Valiant* : Silver Fish Black denim jeans
Boots: Ordinary: Loridae- tan
Finger Tape: *Luck inc* : Finger Tapes Dollarbie

I hope everyone like this style today

Until next time


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