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GIA Style Card // Leezu

Posted in Update @ 4:52 pm on February 26th, 2010 by Natasja Schumann | 29 views

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Leezu copy

Today I will present to you a very stylish outfit from established designer Leezu. The name of the outfit is Lea Vivendi Pants, and it comes in several different colours. The one I will be showing you on the pics is the silver version, but it also has other cool colours which you can get 😉

This outfit is quite a peculiar one, as it looks like a cool hybrid between a pair of pants and a body suit. The pants part of the outfit goes all the way up to the chest, where it gives way to a gorgeous blouse, complete with shoulder frills. The blouse is called Valerie Blouse – Old Pink and can be bought separately at Leezu. This blouse is not for the shy and modest, as it’s almost see-through, undoubtably to your partner’s delight 😉

I’ve paired this wonderful outfit with hair from Maitreya (Alex – Chestnut), and with shoes from Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (Black). So what are you girls waiting for? This is one outfit you can’t miss, so run down to Leezu and make sure you get it :)

~ Natasja Schumann

Stiletto Moody

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