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GIA Style Card //Match your style

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For today[friday]style card i chose something more casual..and in the same time a bit more mix and match that i am sure you’ll love it.It is design in such way you will absolutely love it..and in the same time today i want to show you the newest hair style and in the same time i want you all to see some lovely accessories that are very easy to fit. ^^ come with me and let’s rock this friday style card because next is coming the weekend..and that’s the style of the week hehe

I am sure you must know this shop because is one of the top designer in second life ,Raven Pennyfeather.She created for us the amazing outfit that i showed you in the picture.It’s so lovely and so much fun to wear it.And do you know why it’s so fantastic?Because when you will buy it you will have more possibilities than at the usual outfits.Because most of them you will have to wear them how you get it..but now with the ! RP Couture Acacia Womens Black ..because you can mix and match the pieces inside it creating different styles.From RP you get a picture of 4 look ,and all of them can be mixed and match from the same pack.In the same time if you want to be more original you can let the 4 styles away,and start thinking and creating your own look it’s so easy ^^ You will love it.I spent hours playing with it,and i created my fantastic style.You should try it to ..its a casual but elegant and very interesting dress .You will make every guy fall in love with you when he will see it.You should try be run as fast as possible to the RP Couture because is shopping time right?

Our style card still goes on with another important part :accesories.A necklace and a pair of ear rings can make a dress look fantastic,can improve the look of your skin and make you rock on the street..and that is easy belive me.With only just one fast look,you will be able to select an amazing necklace and ear rings for your look.And do you know where you can find all of this?Of EarthStones.They create one of the best jewelries and this is why i chose them for today style card,they deserve their spot here.I wanted to have a bit more accessories this time so i used :A necklace and ear rings [EarthStones Harmony Ball Set – Carnelian ] a hand ring and a bracelet [EarthStones Bullseye Bracelet & Ring Set – Amethyst ].You can find them at their mainstore and belive me you’ll love it.The necklace can be worn in 2 different ways something a bit more simple..and my favorite part the longer one[the one i used in the picture]It’s so amazing.My advice for you is to run as soon as possible to their mainstore and check what’s new..they are the best ^^.

We are going to talk about one more thing today the HAIR .Isn’t it fantastic? and the best part is that it fits so easy in this style.The hair is an amazing creation from Lollipopz .And did you knew that they moved to a new land?And this time it’s their main land,and it’s so amazing.I made a visit yesterday and i was impressed.So much amazing hairs to choose should take a look.As for the hair it is named Heartless and i worn the Black color because that was the one that fitted me the most.But of course you have a large list to choose from…so don’t lose your time and go and check what they have new at their mainstore.They are waiting for you..

So if you felt in love with the the dress..then you should make a visit at Raven Pennyfeather’s store,you will find one of the best outfits there.If you want a bit more styling in your look ,Eearthstones is waiting with their arm open for you..And if you are looking for a rocking hair you should check the Lollipopz New Mainstore.That’s all for today..have fun shopping ..ILY<3 Hair: Heartless-Black – Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Lollipopz NEW Mainstore

Outfit: RP Couture Acacia Womens Black – RP / Designer : Raven Pennyfeather
Available as a new release Only at Raven Pennyfeather Store

Ear Rings&Necklace : EarthStones Harmony Ball Set – Carnelian – EarthStones/ Designer : Abraxxa Anatine
Available as a new release Only at Earthstones Store

Ring&Bracelet :EarthStones Bullseye Bracelet & Ring Set – Amethyst – EarthStones / Designer : Abraxxa Anatine
Available as a new release Only at EarthStones Store

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