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Gia Style card // Mea Culpa

Posted in Featured News, Style Alert, Style Card, Style News, Update, Women Fashion @ 4:28 am on July 1st, 2010 by linnda.scofield | 45 views

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Yes yes yes it is time for Mea culpa again. Today i am presenting you 3 new releases wich i know you will adore them. They are so wonderfull and full of many details.

My first design i am going to show you is Out of the Deep.
“Out of the Deep” is an incredible aqua blue and luminescent gown fit for a mermaid made human featuring a long body hugging skirt with a criss/cross lattice of blue coral barbs   with a layered and tiered luminescent flowing skirt the trails our and up behind you as you walk. With a halter attached reverse V textured top with protective coral spikes and a tall spiral shell head dress your claim at Neptune’s bride will never disputed. Additional detailing on the right hip adds to the fantasy aspect of this creation. For this incredible design i used a blue skin from red queen.

My second outfit is Purple Style Desaster.
Purple Style Desaster: an stunning dress in purple featuring asymmetrical aspects throughout beginning with the Open in the center bodice with a fun double buttoned strap holding it in place from around your back and across a completely open left side. a long tight fitting skirt with a satin print right side and less shiny left dice with a fun brush effect issuing from your left leg line hip to ankle and a rear attached stylized bustle on the right only. A translucent and textured over the shoulder cowl that “launches” up on the left side   and a serpent-like armband on the right. and did I tell you, you get a wonderful in-theme hat to boot with silver accents and a necklace and silver threads hanging from the high cowl. I styled this beautiful and for me not desaster with white pumps from Stiletto Moody. Bracelets, nail and ring are from Mandala, skin is Lion Skins.

Last but not least is Siera Morte.
Sierra Morte is   a very dramatic and detailed lace neck attached body suit with skightly flared pant legs and a shear over skirt that flares into a magically luminescent golden colored accent. The over dress is a rich chocolate brown open front sleeved coat-like dress with a tutu skirt treatment and a little clouncy spiral tail off my left hip to draw attention to my hips. It has incredible golden detailing the is also reflected in the matching opera gloves. A off the right hip flare supports a drape of golden tied cords that are also reflected in the coordinated headpiece with a bit of a skiked feathery flair in top. With this outfit i am wearing the new nova skin from Lion Skins.Shoes are from Periquita

Dare to be fashion and go visit Mea Culpa

Style credits, Model and Photographer is Linnda Scofield

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