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GIA Style Card // Muze

Posted in Update @ 10:12 pm on February 28th, 2010 by Natasja Schumann | 29 views

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Muze-1 copy

hiya all! How are you today? I hope everyone is in a good health just like me. Only that the weather here in Singapore is getting hotter and hotter that I almost drown with the heatness! Yes it was so hot last weekend and this weekend too. I have to run to the aircon for this. Ok let me see what I have in store for you today. I have some great dress that I want to introduce you too. The designer Muze Rayna drops on me one day and I like how the dress is. So I decided to blog this out so people can see how talented this designer is.  The name of the outfit is Sofia Tier Gown. That's right and it comes with few different colors to choose from. The Available colors will be Ice, White, Sable, Maroon, Midnight, and Cannery. It includes with a matching bracelet with each outfit.

Muze copy

The one that I'm showing you on the left will be the Ice while on the right is Maroon. Beautiful isn't it? It also comes with two different style of wearing the gown, either you wear it with the long gown or you can even wear it in tier. Yes Ladies, this outfit is so delicate and smooth looking that I can't take my eyes from it. I matched the hairs from “I Love” Olive”. The price is reasonable so what are you waiting for! Go down now to the store to grab this dresses. Till Then 😉

~ Natasja Schumann


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