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GIA Style Card // Not as new- but still as beautiful.

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Hello hello :)

Today I thought of blogging about this beautiful gown called ‘Miss Singapore’ by the scrutinizing Cerberus Noel – designer of *G Field.

I love that this gown looks simple, but not simple. What I mean is that the addition of the  lace  and flower doesnt ‘over-do it’. It in fact, makes the gown look much more elegant. This pastel purple color is chosen really well since it adds to the whole ‘elegant lady’ feel. I mean imagine if the gown would be…some bright color instead of a pastel color? I’m not sure it would look as classic ?

Needless to say, the chiffon is a great addition. But, if you’re going somewhere not so ‘special occasion’, then you can wear this beautiful gown without the chiffon at the back.

Angellina xoxo

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