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GIA Style Card // Ready to Partay

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Hello everyone. First of all, Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry. I told everyone I was going to be back. I promised a wave of posts to catch me up. And then something happened with real life. I didn’t intentionally mean to lie or lead you on. My grandma got rushed back to the ER this time with a fall. She’s OK. But it seems she can’t be left alone. And who has been the grandma sitter? Yep you guessed it – moi. Anyways, needless to say, I’m in sort of a everything is on the back burner period in my life. But I could never fully leave. SO, on to the post. I have a couple of pretty pictures for you of a new *KPD* dress. ( Hopefully still pretty, since I didn’t have time to do any pretty techniques in photo shop. ) Hope you like them.

Meet Toral.  The newest  sexy mini dress from designer Kathrin Pearl. I’m sure that a lot of you have many parties to go to tonight and possibly tomorrow night. With so many good friends in Second Life, Employers, & fashion parties; you might just be going to more than 1 Second Life party in one night. Am I right? Maybe some are more casual, while some are definitely more dress up,  or even a few costume.( I sooo love costume parties, btw. So, don’t forget to invite me )  :D. OK, Toral probably isn’t the right choice for a costume party. But, it’s definitely something that you can go from Casual to Elegant in. ( and vice versa. )

You will definitely look  amazingly sexy in this strapless ubbber short  mini dress. which is cinched at the waist with a wild Leopard Print Belt.. Wear this alone for a more sexy casual look or wear the included elegant black silken gloves and feather boa for a more elegant affair. Kathrin has been generous enough to include a pair of  her great selling A La Rouchel boots in a matching leopard print design. Thanks Kathrin!

I paired the Toral Dress + A La Rouchel boots with elegant hair from Bliss Couture. And jaw dropping jewelry from Donna Flora. I added the group gifty GLAM AFFAIR skin. If you want this ( and trust me you do! ) join the group soon because Its already been in past notices for 11 days.  ( Group notices stay for 14 days. )     Or if you like a darker tanned   skin  that really brings out the golds in Toral, check out Le Dora by Kathrin Pearl. Check the style credits at the end for links and names.

I know what Your thinking right now. But Vi, You mentioned costume parties. What do I wear then?! No sweat girlfriend. Kathrin has you covered here as well. I left Costume Demonia completely bare. I think it can hold its own. And If  I * did * add some accessories then I couldn’t tell you that everything on me is included in the outfit. YES EVERYTHING! That’s includes the fire red curly hair & large red wings. Kathrin has even included a special skin, created just for this outfit. You can’t buy this skin anywhere else. And honestly – Its hot. Perfect for anyone in the fashion business. You  know we need all the fantasy skins we can get! She has also included a pair of her A La Granise Boots in red. To top it off shes thrown in a tattoo to cover the bits. Costume Demonia is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. You might have noticed that I’m not wearing any clothing. Finally, I can walk around in public and get away with going naked!   It kind of reminds me of the Playboy mansion parties where the girls all go in body paint.   * grins *

I had another costume I wanted to show you from *KPD* but I’m already at nearly 700 words so I guess I should wrap it up. Look for it soon as soon as I can.


Have a happy and SAFE New Years everyone.


 - Vi






Style Credits:


outfit: *KPD* Toral By Kathrin Pearl

Hair: Bliss Couture Yukiho Hair By Amutey Decuir

Skin: Glam Affair Jadis – Hollidays gift in Group Notices By aida Ewing

Accessories: Donna Flora GALATEA By Squinternet Larnia

Costume Demonia:

*KPD* Costume Demonia By Kathrin Pearl

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