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GIA Style Card //The elegance inside the Opera

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Hello again my sweet shopaholics.Today i have for you something that will get us out of this season,out of light colors and almost naked bodies.No more simple hair styles .From now we move to something sophisticated,elegant fur and long dresses.We will let the bra out and very very short skirts and the bikinis,because since now i want to see sexy fall clothes.This is why for today i presented you one master piece,a dress from the fall collection of the famous Jador shop.I loved it,and now i can’t take it off,it’s too amazing and i am sure so will you .I love music a lot too,and maybe that’s what made me fall in love with this elegant outfit.How i said i prepared for you a lot of interesting things in this style card,and i want you to see them too.So don’t stay there and come with me shopping,Amalia Foxtrot is always here to help you styling up even if it’s summer or autumn or winter ^^.

How i said the amazing outfit we are going to talk today is one master piece of the fall collection from the famous Jador shop.One of the outfits that i loved.A thing that i am sure you’ll like too,is the name of it..that has something to do with high quality voice “Opera”.This is why i decided to make this style card with a bit more elegance,since we always have to look good when we go to such a concert.This dress will give us the opportunity to look great everytime we need it.I must say that i love that material and the style of the dress that in my opinion is inspired from the Coco Chanel periode.That little gold pearls on the dress give it it’s elegant look.And our surprises are not ready yet.I am sure you’ll love that amazing skirt,that is not to short but neither to long is perfect to fit the rest of the outfit and to look great at the opera.You may say it’s a business skirt,but i prefer name it a formal skirt ^^ it’s just to amazing.Do you know whats one of the best thing at this dress the amazing Hat.With it’s look ,it will absolutely change your life style after you will wear it.Before i saw this..i used to hate hats,but now i am in love with them.Of course like on the outfit,you will see that amazing gold pearls on the hat too.To make our hair styling a bit easier ,this hat comes with some little surprise.You can wear the hat with that amazing hair that is included in the shopping bag in 4 colors: Blonde,Brown,Red and of course fantastic white[the color that was worn in the victorian period].In the same time if you prefer using one of your own hair you can simple wear the Hat only ^^ .How i said this is only a part of the fall collection made by the Jador so you must go and see the others they are so fantastic.

Another thing that impressed me a lot is the skin,one of my favorite around sl.Since i got it i am wearing only this one.Is an amazing design by the famous Soul skin designer.After she amazed us with the sasha model skin,she released a other model skin with the name of tiffany,that comes together with 15 fantastic makes up that will fit in your modeling career.It was so hard to find the perfect make up for this elegant dress,since all look amazing,but finally i decided to wear the Tiffany_4B_by_Nany_Merlin because i loved that black eye shade.The lips don’t have a hard make up,but fits amazing in what we are looking for.So my opinion is to run as soon as possible to the soul mainstore,and buy all the skins you love,everything looks amazing there.

I forgot to say that this style card is going to be a bit short than the others because Jador offered us a lot of things in the new pack so we have to look for only one more piece.Something to fit amazing on our feets and make us really elegant.Because a women without heels don’t have a future belive me.Imagine how is to wear sandals with this outfit, we need to look good to find the best.And do you know where to start?Of course,the fantastic B&G mainstore,all kind of shoes that you like can be found there and that’s the reality.I found the one i am wearing with the fall collection right there.Wearing the name of *B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – NEGRO COPY/NO TRANS* [like in the rebel style card]this pair of shoes will be the best for this kind of things.Belive me,if you don’t visit B&G you will lose everything.

Now the last thing i want to talk you about is what music do you like?Because even if maybe for some of us opera sounds boring with a bit of elegance we can make it really rock.So don’t forget to visit the Jador mainstore and buy the opera dress,and in the same time to take a fast look at the other fall collection,all looking amazing.Soul Skin have the best skins around second life,so why don’t you take a look at the tiffany model skin pack and in the same time at other skins too.And the last thing you shouldn’t miss are the amazing B&g shoes on black that can be found very easy.Have fun shopping ^^

-Shop List-
[From where to buy ]

Dress: Opera[A piece from the fall collection] -By Jador- from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible at Mimi’s Choise mainstore

Skin: Tiffany female skin – Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

Shoes: B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – NEGRO – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

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