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GIA Style Card // Whats the scoop at PRISM?

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Journey has been releasing some uber yummy sets lately. I brought two to share with you today. First off her newest release Chel.

Prism Chel by Journey White Leopard

Chel is a  pants set complete with a midriff top. Prims on the  are boot cut and fit perfectly over any shoes. Or remove them to wear your favorite boots  over your pants. The  shirt is a V-Neck cut wrap top style. Which includes a large stiff collar and cute little bow at the bottom. Chel is available in 5 gorgeous colors. Each unique from the last. Due to special introductory pricing, Chel is 25% off. But I do not know when this special ends so if you like Chel. Hurry and get her before her price goes up to normal.

Prism Keira by Journey Migration

Keira, has been all over the blogs but I just adore her. I thought I should tell you about it. Kiera is also available in 5 unique colors. The Migration color I’m wearing is just so adorable with these little birds trying to fly into the sunset. If Print isn’t your thing Keira is also available in 2 solid colors. Shes easy to wear and many different wear options are included in your purchase.



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Prism Chel by Journey White Leopard  PRISM

Prism Keira by Journey Migration PRISM

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