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GIA Style Card// Winter Groove

Posted in Update @ 9:06 am on November 25th, 2009 by admin | 18 views

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For my First Style Card, I am presenting to you all, a groovy Winter Style for men. Perfect for those last minute Christmas Raves =)

This outfit was inspired by the various groovy dance styles. I'm loving the modern, colourful looks this outfit displays. This look is a classic groove/dance style, perfect to show off that rebellious streak in you, for the forthcoming winter season. I, myself, love the colourful and creativity of this outfit, as I'm sure you will agree. The Stole/Scarf and the gloves give it that warm winter feel while the hair and t-shirt give it that winter techno/dance edge. The T-shirt has a colourful feel to it, emphasising the modern techno styles. To compliment this look, the shoes give it that casual feel, perfect for wearing out and about. The jeans are, again a crisp and clean compliment to this outfit, to give it a touch of realism and class.

The skin for this style is a beached bronze tone. It portrays a very well worked tan, built during the hot summer months =) In contrast to this skin we have snow white hair. This is added to first of all give a touch of contrast to the piece and also to add a touch of Seasonal fun to the piece. To also add contrast to this style and to give it that cool, wintry edge, I used a very striking pair of eyes. These are very bright blue eyes, with slits almost like cats eyes. Very stunning and work really well with this piece.

Thank you All for reading my First Style Card =)
Sorry the Picture was a Little Raw hehe, I rushed it last night,
Oz Collinson,
GIA Stylist.

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