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GIA Style Card//Elegance for summer days

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Good evening Glance International dear readers . Long time no see , am I right ? I’ve been kind of busy with my moving in real life and with my furniture blog but in the end all the roads are heading home .. so I am feeling amazing to meet you all again and have the opportunity to share with you the latest releases from the virtual world .

There is no store better to start with rather than Indyra . She has been on my list for a very long time so I am always happy to blog her new releases , and believe me when I tell you that her latest one was something to die for . It is called Secret and comes in many wonderful colors . I am presenting in the picture my favorite one but I advice you to check her store for more tones.

As for the shoes , since I wear slink mesh feet (and yes , I am in love with them) I decided to contact the owner of Shey since I found their designs breathtaking . The designer was kind enough to send me one of their latest releases which I found a perfect match with the style I had in mind . The set is named “London Stilettos” and it comes in many colors ( when I say many I really mean it ) . The metals on the shoes have 2 colors : silver or gold .

What I always have problems with when styling up my avatar is the hair . Sorry if I offend anyone by saying this but I find it so damn hard to find a cute mesh hair in the virtual world . Probably I am a little bit to much of a perfectionist so I find mistakes in everything I try . Luckily I had the chance to get in touch with the designer of enVogue . Her hairs are without doubts a must have . In today’s post I am featuring the gorgeous Britney style and since I am a blondie for over 5 years I decided to give it a try to the light blonde versions . You can see how wonderful it looks.

Other products which are featured in our blog post is Belleza Mya skin ( I rarely change my skin since I find it similar to my fingerprint ) , Ariskea Vintan mesh clutch and of course the must have Slink hands and feet.

Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot
GIA/Head Stylist
GIA/Director of Designers Liaison
GIA/A-list Group Manager

-Shops List-
Outfit: Secret —Indy&Co/Designer:Indyra
Available at Indyra mainstore

Shoes: London Stilettos —Shey/Designer:Shey
Available at Shey mainstore

Hair: Britney Light Blondes—enVogue/Designer: Casandra Rain
Available at enVogue mainstore

Skin: -Belleza- Mya Pale 3-Belleza/Designer :Tricky Boucher
Available at the Belleza Mainstore

Bag: Vintan mesh clutch -Ariskea/Designer:Ariskea
Available at the Ariskea Mainstore

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