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GIA Style Scene // Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell

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Here is a new piece of GIA Style Scene. This regular column presents interviews and fashion identities of SL's established and upcoming fashion designers. They all make our shopping excursions fun and addictive and we all want to know what they have in mind! The following lines are all about Tabata Jewell and her exclusive hairstyles. Vanity Hair is for the vain and the beautiful! Geared towards runway models and fitting perfectly the unusual looks, they are the latest cuts to hit the catwalks. In this post, get to know better the fabulous designer behind Vanity Hair.

I always give my latest releases in a special colour for 1 linden dollar so people can have an idea of what the hair will look like without having the “demo” tag stuck in their heads.” – Tabata Jewell

Hello Tabata, how are you ? Can you introduce yourself to our blog readers ?
Hello my name is Tabata jewell, I have been a model for 2 years in SL, worked for the best agencies and designers. I love fashion and styling outfits is my passion. But what can I say …most of all I am a hair whore. So following the great advice of my dear friend Applonia Criss i started making hair on may 2009 till now.
Why did you name your brand “Vanity Hair” ?
One day, trying to find hair stores that werent that popular, i started making up names to see if Icould find them on search, and one of those was Vanity hair, thinking that someone would have named his hair store like that, but i had no luck, the store didnt exist, so i thought…if i ever had a hair store i would name it like that. I love playing with words, and this wink to vanity Fair Magazine was so cute…
Could you define the spirit of your brand?
I want to create any kind of hair that you could actually see on a RL runway, that’s why some styles are so crazy, also I always think that SL is here to make us look different from RL so let’s have fun and play with our hair!
How do you design and create your hairstyles ?
Some times I get ideas from many RL fashion shows, and sometimes those styles are in my head and i dont stop till I get what I want. Sometimes i just put a whole bunch of prims together and oh! I have a new exciting style!
Amidst all the competition in the market, you seem to have been able to carve a niche for yourself, how did you do ? and how do you keep it up ?
Well, I really dont know that part, but as in RL marketing is very important. So I use my Flickr account to advertise my hairstyles, I provide hairstyles to some fashion shows, and I always give my latest releases in a special colour for 1 linden dollar so people can have an idea of what the hair will look like without having the “demo” tag stuck in their heads. I wanna say as well that one of the reasons I give hair for 1 linden dollar is to avoid people from buying cheap stolen hair. Cause I want to make one thing clear : Vanity Hair has tolerance 0 with any kind of stolen item! I wont hesitate to eject anyone from my store if I find out they are wearing stolen items. So I encourage them to take my freebies and wear original hair cuts.
Fall season is coming closer, so what can we look forward to in your upcoming hairstyle collection?
You can expect anything! Just because it’s Fall won’t stop me from working with flowers if i feel like it. So i really dont know what to answer, what ever goes through my mind that’s up for fall season ! haha
What do you like to do in your leisure time?
In SL leisure time, I like to go and see my friends on the runway, go skin shopping, texture shopping, well what can I say, I just love to shop!
Last question… One thing, which the world still doesn’t know about you?
Damm….the gridd is huge, I think lots of people still dont know me *smiles*

Check out the inimitable designs by Tabata Jewell today at her mainstore! Vanity Hair will revolutionize your style and transform you into a beauty queen.

Interview by Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO
Photo Courtesy of Tabata Jewell

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