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Serendipita Eventi Bridal Show 2009 Follow Up

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On Wednesday, February 11th at 1 PM SLT GLANCE International Agency hosted Serendipita Eventi first ever bridal show. The Bridal Show 2009 have been attended by over 40 avatars on the look for sophisticated gowns and classy tuxedos.

The set was built upon request by Kira Ahn who is the founder and creative mind behind [KA] Designs skins and clothes brand. We put up rose arches above the chairs and matching petals on the runway for a lovely valentine set!

The first GIA Top Models couple Donald Feld and Poptart Lilliehook were looking their best in SF Design garments. Donald is modeling the “sf design hamilton tux” in black and red and Poptart shows off “sf design Molto Bella – red.” A terribly glamorous association!

The following ladies, Sabine Blackburn and Mariah Urriah were showing a divalicious style thanks to Elle! Fashion House and Skin Flicks wedding gowns. Sabine (on the left) presents *Elle*-Awakening-blue by Angeleyes John while Mariah (on the right) is exposing the distinctive “Skin Flicks Ashley Wedding Gown.” Mariah paired this ensemble with the foppish “Skin Flicks Cynthia Diamond Cluster Earrings” for a bridal chic style.

Our special grooms for the show, Donald Feld (at the top) and Lorenz Hax (at the bottom) were presenting an immaculate style thanks to the tuxedos provided by Swaffette Firefly. Their shoes are the “sf design brogues” which includes a special feature allowing you to switch to 5 different colors.

Lorenz and Chirzaka showcased a Purple style for a colorful wedding. Mister Hax is wearing the “sf design Morning Suit Purple” while Miss Vlodovic presents *Elle*-Shirl-Purple gown.

Formal outfits showcased at a glance. From left to right, Sabine Blackburn wearing the fabulous “MF Formal049f (Green Sarah gown)”, Poptart Lilliehook presenting the inimitable “Skin Flicks Tulle Wedding Gown #3”, Donald Feld showing off the first class “sf design white tie and tails” tuxedo and Mariah Urriah modeling the wonderful “MF Formal023f (Peach Agnes ornamental gown).”

Close-up on the gowns modeled by Sabine (on the left) and Mariah. Sabine is presenting the ” Skin Flicks Cascade Bouquet Lilies and Roses White” as well as the “Skin Flicks Floral Hairpiece (white).”

Patty Cortes, GLANCE International Agency CEO and hostess for Bridal Show 2009 next to Eric Coiffard, JustSoulPromotions Company Founder & CEO, enjoying the show.

Daiseze Dahlstrom, Serendipita Eventi co-owner and manager with Ambrielle Benelli. Daiseze is responsible for wedding packages booking and events coordination, working on the gorgeous island of Serendipita for over two years.

Finale set-up of the show… We will see you on the next designer showcase hosted at JSP Island for the JSP Fashion Expo 2009 Winter Edition on saturday, February 14th at 1 PM SLT!

Grab your male tuxedo and two fabulous gowns compliments of SF Design, Elle! Fashion House and Marinoco Fashion at Serendipita. The gifts are available for a limited time!

Credits photo : Tillie Ariantho

[Full Set of Photos]

Review by Patty Cortes

Special mention to Bride & Groom Magazine, SL Premier Wedding Magazine

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