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GIA Interview// Stella Semaphore

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*Stella is wearing Femme Fatale Fingerless Gloves, her own creation*

My interview today is with Stella Semaphore, designer and owner of Cheap Makeup. Cheap Makeup is a petite shop in SL that is growing in popularity! The interview is pretty raw, not much editing so you can get to know the real designer!

Isadora Vayandar: What made you start creating in SecondLife?
Stella Semaphore: Well I joined second life back in 2006 because I saw an article about it on yahoo. Honestly, I just wanted to shop in the beginning and play paper dolls. That’s pretty much all I did for a while until in 2007 I met Brutus Martinek and she showed me how to make a BOX lol. I had this macbook pro that couldn’t run SL properly, and so all I ever made for like 2.5 years were posters to put on my walls. Recently I bought an HP Pavilion and tada! SL worked! And instead of just shopping, I decided to create my own things, because I could and because I’m obsessed with fashion and art. Design less so, it’s more about the idea for me.
Isadora Vayandar: Old school player! Very cool.
Stella Semaphore: I look back at my photos from 2006-2007 and cringe!
Isadora Vayandar: Before sculpted shoes! I can imagine…
Stella Semaphore: It was bad. I wore lots of Nyte n day and I’m pretty sure I may have had some early artilleri. I just remember my photos being so pixellated and just yuck.
Isadora Vayandar: That brings me to my next question! How would you describe your style of fashion? Now there are SO many options to dress.
Stella Semaphore: oh god, I go through phases.
Stella Semaphore: when I began my shop, I was obsessed with
Stella Semaphore: I wanted my shop to be a reflection of that, to be that sort of nyc indie party scene mess.
Stella Semaphore: This was the initial idea, but of course everything changed. My personal style propably still reflects that, sort of messy chic. I feel kind of lame using the word chic, even. The outfit I’m wearing now was kind of my take on Mia from Pulp Fiction (I was wearing lamb’s bang bang hair before). Now I’m just kind of Taylor Momsen.
Stella Semaphore: btw I have Gossip Girl playing in the background, lol
Isadora Vayandar: lol
Stella Semaphore: Crap like that inspires me. Bad tv. Reality tv. Film. Cheesy hilarious stuff.
Stella Semaphore: film, whatever the hell.
Isadora Vayandar: What else inspires you?
Stella Semaphore: gaawwwdd I have a massive list of inspirations.
Stella Semaphore: 1. Tv shows, like Bored To Death, Curb your enthusiasm, United States of Tara. And I’ll also watch any sort of crappy reality tv. Anything. I’m an addict
Stella Semaphore: Film: wes anderson, gus van sant, charlie kaufman.
Stella Semaphore: Art, i’m an art student. Vogue, Nylon, Elle. Blogs. omg blogs. Blogsblogsblogs. I find inspiration everywhere, I’m searching for it always, I’ve got my sources. will always be my holy grail. Those people know where it’s at.
Stella Semaphore: those little cokeheads.
Isadora Vayandar: lol!
Isadora Vayandar: Where did the name Cheap Makeup come from? The cokeheads? lol
Stella Semaphore: Yes, actually!
Stella Semaphore: There was a photo, with a girl wearing red lipstick
Stella Semaphore: we all know that evil red lipstick. You get it at the pharmacy or walmart or wherever. It smears, it comes off on your cup, it’s on your shirt. Well this girl was wearing some, and it was smeared a bit on her face after some partying. It had that “I went through my mom’s makeup drawer” look. And you just KNOW how that lipstick smells. Well anyway, that caught me. Every girl ( or eccentric boy 😉 has some cheap makeup. We all know how it smells, how it always freaking comes off so easily. It’s also got this young quality, sort of Lolita. It’s just something all of us *know*. The name was perfect, although not everyone understands what it means immediately. Cheap Makeup is pretty sex.
Stella Semaphore: Oh and also, I make lots of glasses now, so most people probably think it refers to that, like I’m saying glasses are cheap/cover up your face/no need for makeup! That works for me!
Isadora Vayandar: I love your glasses! What is your favorite piece of clothing or item that you have created?
Stella Semaphore: the Friedlander glasses!
Stella Semaphore: It was so funny, I walked into (well…tp’ed into) vive9 the other day. I look up, and on a MASSIVE billboard is Bluabyss Denimore in just a face shot, wearing my glasses.
Stella Semaphore: I peed my pants.
Isadora Vayandar: haha
Isadora Vayandar: Do you think that’s one of the best aspects of working in fashion? Seeing people wear your items? Or what do you believe are the best aspects?
Stella Semaphore: Seeing people wearing my items is the ultimate satisfaction. Seriously, it’s not the lindens, not at all. I just want people to enjoy what I make. And if they don’t, that’s cool, because I had fun making it. Right now my focus is mainly on the glasses. As a real life painter, it’s nice to paint something in photoshop and upload it to SL without having to worry about how it will fit on the body. Glasses don’t need to be stretched over boobies.
Isadora Vayandar: What can we expect in the future of Cheap Makeup?
Stella Semaphore: I’m hoping to move to a bigger store, something maybe not in a sphere, lol. It’s a bit difficult to get a square prim on a circular wall! Also, Cheap Makeup keeps growing, so I need more room. I’ve got some ideas for more eyewear and for some unisex trousers. OH and Trilogy! I’m involved in Trilogy with some more designers. It’s a concept sim, everything on the sim is under a theme for a 3 month period. We’re opening on Friday with the first theme being “Lumberjack’s Daughter”. Think Twin Peaks, Fargo style. Backwoods. Very fun. All of the items there will be exclusive to the sim, I can’t wait 😀
Isadora Vayandar: I am really excited for Trilogy!
Stella Semaphore: me too! make sure to look for my stuff in the underground 😀 I’ll be there with This is a fawn and Wot?
Isadora Vayandar: Any closing thoughts?
Stella Semaphore: Much more for Cheap Makeup on the way! When inspiration hits is when I design. I also want to give a shout out to Brutus Martinek. That girl has taught me everything I needed to know about designing in sl. <3. To see more of Stella’s designs check out Cheap Makeup in-world! Also, check out Trilogy for the exclusive items! Trilogy opens tomorrow!

signing off,
Isadora Vayandar!

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