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GIA Shop Review// Argrace

Posted in Women Fashion @ 6:00 am on December 4th, 2009 by admin | 27 views

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Hello everyone, Nice to see you all again. Today I am going to present to you one of the first brand I came across while I was exploring Second Life for the first time and also, one of my favorite stores of all time, Argrace.

Argrace is owned and design by AIR Winx and rika Oyen and the first thing that caught my attention when I came across the Argrace main store for the first time is how much work they have put into the store itself. As the pictures above show, the store itself looks magnificent but that is not all, the store is also very well organized, all the products are separated and well organized. As thoughtful as the designers are, they even include a map at the entrance of the store for the customers to guide themselves.

From head to toe, Argrace has all the necessaries items that gives you a unique and stylish look including different types of hair and hats, different types of clothing for your everyday life necessities, Accessories like contact lens, sun glasses and jewelries to give your look that extra something special, but there are more, Argrace also make quality furnitures for your home. All with script within the sculptured prims which saves the trouble of poseballs.

Argrace is more about quality over quantity. While most brands might come out with products all year long, Argrace only has a few new items for each new season. I must say it is a long wait to just see one or two items releasing at the end, but for the quality of them, it is well worthed.

Finally to end today's store review, here is 2 items I recommend from the store, one is the traveler coat which I have previously post on my personal fashion blog . It is available separately for both men and women in their respective section of the store.

And for those of you who missed out this year's hair fair and were hating yourself for it, here it is, the fendora hat from Argrace which you must have seen a thousand times on photographs of others in Second Life. All four style of the hat with hair and the hat alone are now available at Argrace main store.

And as I am writing this review, AIR and Rika are already launching a few new items on their store.

So what are you waiting for? Get to Argrace now and start to experience a totally new lifestyle.

Argrace main store Landmark

For those who wants to follow Argrace and their latest update, you can visit their blog or flickr online.

Argrace Blog

Argrace Flickr

I hope that all of you enjoied my review and see you all next time.


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