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GIA Shop Review// Madsy

Posted in Store Review, Women Fashion @ 10:27 am on November 30th, 2009 by admin | 396 views

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Madsy is a chic store for the modern-day fashionista! I love everything in this store from the jackets to the dresses to the way cool acid jeans! It's a small store but growing in popularity because of the high quality and magnificent designs!

The Polaroid above shows the magnificent Peplum Skirt and the Acid Wash Jeans! I absolutely adore the Peplum Skirt; it goes with so many outfits. It is definitely unique and not something you see in the abundant amount of shops on SecondLife. The Acid Wash Jeans are also fabulous! I know it is so terribly 80s but 80s fashion is totally coming back!

Next are the Megan dress and the fabulous sculpted blazers. The Megan dress is perfect for going to the club or a cocktail party. It's cute, I love the colours and I love the texture of the dress. The blazers are fantastic! They come in all sorts of colours for mixing and matching. You can pair them with a tee and jeans, or a dress, or a leotard, etc. All the colours just make it really fun to have in your wardrobe!

The Xoxo cardigan and the History Class cardigan are very cool! The xoxo cardigan is really cute. It works for any sort of casual or bohemian look. I love the option to wear it with or without sleeves. I think options are pretty important in fashion and allow you to make old clothing nouveau! The History Class cardigan is so sleek, modern, and looks inspired by old military uniforms. It could work for everyday or even high fashion!

I absolutely LOVE the Anna minidress. This is one of the many items from Kimberlee Miles' store that I would love to own in RL. It's chic, it's sexy, and it comes with options! You can wear no studs on the shoulder or silver or gold studs. The shading on the dress is perfect! I did not even have to modify it once I put it on. It fit like a glove! Oh! The fur gilet is so amazing! Fur is totally come back in style. Don't fret! Kimberlee has promised that this fur is completely hand drawn! So no RL animals have been hurt in the making. I love how fur can be paired with casual clothes or something more elegant.

Last but not least. New releases! Kimberlee has just released these sweet tiered camisoles that come in SO many colours from neutrals to bright. Colours for everyone! Besides the great detail, they're also pretty cheap, only 60L per camisole. I grabbed a bunch! Another new release is the lace top and tube top. So many ways to mix and match with that… plus who doesn't adore lace!
That's it for my review on Madsy! Definitely check out Madsy in-world and join the subscriber group to await new exciting releases from Kimberlee Miles! Enjoy!

Isadora Vayandar
GIA Stylist

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