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GIA Shop Review// Narwhal

Posted in Store Review, Women Fashion @ 12:20 pm on December 9th, 2009 by admin | 44 views

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is a petite indie shop started by the owner of [twee]. I love the layout and all the outfits displayed. There is a mix of neutrals, colours and patterns. I adore the eccentricity.

The Polaroid above showcases one of the new releases at Narwhal. The lovely Endless Cycle dresses have gorgeous detailed textures. The layering of the fabrics looks really nice. Another new release from Narwhal is this cute outfit below! Casual and fun, I adore each piece. Especially, the panda sweatshirt! It is so cute!

One aspect of Narwhal that I love is that… they sell the outfits as a whole but you can also buy each piece individually if you prefer. The Polaroid below shows one option. I love this outfit. Sometimes I do not think certain colours can work together. But they certainly proved me wrong with this outfit. I like the tweed jacket and the quirky striped socks! It's not something you would see every day for sure. And if you don't like the outfit all together like that, just buy the piece you like!

Here is another fantastic outfit. Here they layered the black tube top under the orange cropped top. I am not a fan of big orange so I just bought the overall skirt. The overall skirt is super cute and I pair with all sorts of tops.

This one is one of my favorites. I like the off shoulder top, and how it is paired with bright yellow tights. I love having that random splash of colour in my outfits. The denim skirt is cute, too.

Another one of my favorites is this outfit. I love the polka dot top! So soft and pretty! I love the tanktop layered on top. The lace is a nice touch! The skirt just adds that pow to complete the outfit.

There is more of Narwhal to see. I didn't show you everything! Just a couple of my favorites. So visit Narwhal in-world. Also join the hippogroup to get notices of new releases and get this amazingly quirky cute outfit as a gift for joining!

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