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GIA Shop Review// Oyakin

Posted in Store Review, Women Fashion @ 5:23 pm on December 2nd, 2009 by admin | 70 views

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Today my shop review is on Oyakin! Oyakin is a small Japanese store that sells mostly casual and bohemian clothes for a really GREAT price! And I promise it is excellent quality! It is one of my favorite stores on the grid! I hope you enjoy the review!

The Polaroids above and below are the most recent releases from Oyakin! I love the Antique Tunic. It's casual, fresh and flowy. I love the texture to the top! You can pair it with some shorts or some jeans. Perfect for summer! The Polaroid below showcases the Old Long Skirt. I think it's really cute. I adore florals, especially vintage so I would wear this all the time. You can pair it with a coat for winter or even modify it so it's short for spring!

Oyakin has a lot of pretty skirts! One of my favorites of the store is the Chifone Skirt! It's cute and poofy! I could not help but buy the fatpack so I could wear it in all sorts of colours and dyes. Next to the Chifone Skirt are the lovely Flower dresses. I LOVE that there are so many options to wear it! You guys know how I adore options! It's cute, really bohemian. Slip it on, put on sandals, and you're ready to go!

So winter is here! Don't fret! Oyakin has a variety of stoles, and armwarmers to keep you warm! The stoles are a deal coming in two colours a pack for 40L! Oyakin also has turtlenecks, pretty cheap. (Did not take a photo, sorry!) They even have this cute winter coat for only 50L! I love the Oyakin jeans, too. They're like comfortable baggy boyfriend jeans. Not too fitted. It doesn't display on the vendor poster but there are different options to wear the jeans from Capri to fold on the bottom!

Another one of my favorite Oyakin pieces is the Oyakin Jacket! It is so cute. It can work for professional look or even a semi-casual look! I love the simplicity of it and the two big buttons!

If you liked the clothing in the polaroids, I suggest you go to Oyakin in-world! Have a good evening!


Isadora Vayandar
GIA Stylist

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