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GIA Shop Review // Sey

Posted in Store Review, Women Fashion @ 11:38 pm on December 11th, 2009 by admin | 22 views

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Someone recently asked me, how to put together an outfit that look good out of the most common items, I believe that to make an common outfit outstand, the best way to do is to add a little something to your look and for that little something extra you might need, today I am presenting to you the store, Sey.

Every time I get to say, I end up spending some money. (I sure hope I get reimburse for them XD j/k.) I know it sounds silly, but they do have lot of things that you can buy.

For those who might be going there the first time, the store layout might be a little confusing as you land in the lobby and you have like at least 2 ways to get to each section of the store but not to worry, they now have a new products board at the landing point which can teleport you directly to the exact location of each of the latest product in the store and also a map at the info center where you can also find a lots of group gifts from the store.

When you land in the store, look over to your left and there is the big accessories section of the store, here you can find accessories for all your needs. Many of these items comes in boxes with more than one style and are fully scripted for color or texture changing to match different outfits for different occasions, including, hats, belts, necklaces, scarves, and much more.

But besides of these accessories, one of the things that attract me the most is the variations that some of the clothing presents. Take these two jackets for example, they both come with various different collar or other varieties that can be change according to the look you try to achieve, this is really a money saver for those that wants to have two or three outfit with similar jackets but doesn't want them to look exactly the same.

I hope everyone will find this review useful and that you all can achieve wonderful looks with these accessories.

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