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GIA Style Alert // Limited edition of Ingenue latest gown

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Style du Jour: My name is Gold

I am a big fan of fresh, creative ways to promote fashion designers around the world of SL. And when I heard about, I found the idea so brillant that I stalked the blog till I found THE outfit for me. I have been lucky enough to discover yesterday the wonderful, golden dress called “Kerria in Auld Lang Syne with Mini Top Hat“, designed by the gifted Betty Doyle. No need to say that the Ingenue creation is delicate and gives a fairy touch to my wardrobe in this funky end of year. That is definitely my best find for 2009, and that thanks to the hardworking guys behind, Express Zenovka (the founder/manager) and Luna Jubilee (ad/sponsors director.)

What I particularly like about this ensemble is the irresistible gold flower that catches the attention instantly and gives a different option to the the discreet little brooches that you usually find with such garments. It has been extremely well produced and the result is an artwork without equals. As for the mini hat, I have to say that I totally die for it. Its wonderful ribbon gives it a sophisticated feel that promises to give a unique touch to future style cards. It is definitely a must, for all accessories-addicts who are on the look for something different.
Pair the ensemble with a short black cut from Uncleweb Studio to give a contrast to the formal side of the look and perfect it with a glamorous skin tone by London Dailey. Oh and do not forget to give to your eyes the power to seduce at first glance… And you can’t find such eyes anywhere else but at Ina Centaur‘s mainstore. And you are set! Golden princess look in a few clicks.
Credits: Photo, styling and review by Patty Cortes (GIA Founder/CEO)

Hairstyle: Uw.St Marina-Hair type-B size-S black by Din Raymaker
Skin: (FFX4) Marabella – Chocolate Decadance by London Dailey
Eyes: [IC-eyes] Ina Centaur 2008 – Sepia by Ina Centaur
Gown: Kerria in Auld Lang Syne with Mini Top Hat by Betty Doyle
Shoes: ETD Starley Pumps (Gold) by Elikapeka Tiramisu

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