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GIA STYLE ALERT // *Lodo* and auTre

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*LODE* is the brainchild of the one and only Ms Chirzaka Vlodovic –   a well known name in SL’s modelling circles – so when I heard she had begun designing hats in SL I could not help but be a little bit nosey and check out what she was creating.

At present Ms Vlodovic does not have a store of her own but luckily her friend, and fellow designer from auTre, has been kind enough to set aside some wall space for her in auTre. There are maybe six or seven designs currently at the store, ranging in size and design, but as usual I follow my sense of colour and decided that “PURPLE ROSE” was the choice of the day.

Consisting of a “pill box” base in purple velvet there is definitely a sense of the “french” about this. Couple this with the turquoise satin, overlayed with black floral lace, and the simple addition of a lilac flower brooch, and you have something which is sure to appeal to those hat “newbies” amongst us. Another reason I like the “PURPLE ROSE” is that it sits at just the correct angle on the right side of the head. Sometimes I find hats sit to far back, and have to modify them drastically, but this one needed no such thing. Oh, and in case you wondering, the reason for me not wearing “prim” hair is NOT because the hat did not suit it, it is merely because I wanted a harsh, stern look :)   (the hat, with a slight modification, would fit well with most straight or pony tail looks).

Now obviously I have only just reviewed an item of auTre’s, but when I saw “FEVER IN COLOUR”   a mere two cms away from the “PURPLE ROSE” I could not help myself – I had to mention it *puts out her hand to be reprimanded*. Well who could resist this brightly coloured funky design?? Certainly not Emerald the colour fanatic :). “FEVER IN COLOUR” is another simply designed mini dress that screams fun. I love the detail in the prim chest piece, and the fact the skirt prim was easy to modify too was a bonus. One little thing that “made me sigh” was the fact that there was not the option of a spine attachment point for the chest prim. Yes, I know I am being “picky” but I really wanted to be able to wear a necklace with this outfit… lol.

I believe that the relationship between *Lode* and auTre can bring nothing but good things – as these two designers work so well together even though they are not collabourating yet. I can only imagine what would arrive on the scene if their two brains got together :)


Store / Clothing Info

Hat:   “Purple Rose” by *LODE*

Dress: “Fever in Colour” by auTre

Boots: “Pink Zazel Boot” by P3     (no longer available)


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