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GIA Style Alert – New Release from TRUTH Hair

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Today, as usually is the case every friday, Truth Hawks has released three new hair designs. Now obviously all of you out there know about *TRUTH* Hair, but if there is a stranger amongst us who has lived underground for the past couple of years then here are three words to sum up *TRUTH* …… quality, fashion-conscious, and affordablility. Yes *TRUTH* Hair is one of the staple “must haves” for any girl, or boy, on SL.

As I mentioned, there were three new releases today however I decided to blog “Roxanna” for two reasons: 1) it is definitely a summer style; and 2) but it has a raw kind of attitude that appeals to my inner being lol.

Taken from the “Dark Brown Fatpack” (priced at L$250) this is the “Chocolate Streak” colour. Now usually this particular colour pack only contains the shades of chocolate, cocoa, java, mocha and treacle but luckily for us the “Roxanna” also contains the streak version of each. OMG I almost jumped out of my seat when I found 10 hairs instead of 5 – what an absolute bargain. And on top of that I adore the length and shape of this cut – it reminds me of an actress from the 1980’s but sharpened up a bit lol. Anyway, this is DEFINITELY today’s must have buy in my opinion, but why not pop down and take a look at the other two new releases…. I would place money on you finding you loved one of them.

Much Happiness – Emerald x


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Hair by *TRUTH*:

Vest – “Felino” by Cumbia:


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