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GIA Style Scene // *Everglow* by Fanny Willis

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Here is a new piece of GIA Style Scene. This regular column presents interviews and fashion identities of SL's established and upcoming fashion designers. They all make our shopping excursions fun and addictive and we all want to know what they have in mind! Today we are presenting Everglow and its genuine designer, Fanny Willis. Everglow is a high quality poses shop that releases glamorous bikinis and impeccable shapes as well. A must-see!


BRAND NAME: *Everglow*
DESIGNER: Fanny Willis

Hello Fanny, how are you ? Can you introduce yourself to our blog readers ?
Hi, I’m Fanny Willis, owner of *EverGlow*
Why did you name your brand “Everglow” ?
Basically EverGlow is a name of a music that i love. I named EverGlow because I like everything that is clear, that glows. I think life is our “everglow”, is our time to glow.
Could you define the spirit of your brand?
Modern, sexy, fun… my brand has several styles. I like to vary a lot to please everyone.
How do you design and create your poses ?
I make them in Poser. Mostly I've my own ideas, but sometimes I get inspiration in dance, in my RL fashion magazines, celebrities, models…
What inspires you to create new shapes ?
My own ideas too, and as I said, I like to vary. Sometimes I make thin shapes, sometimes more curvey. It is difficult to please everyone especially with shapes. I make shapes professionally since 2007 and make them with great dedication. I make them look as realistic as possible. I think this will guarantee a beautiful body and a natural look to an avatar.
I know that you are selling glossy bikinis for 1L$ ONLY on XStreetSL, do you think of branching out soon ?
I made these bikinis just for fun. I’m still planning to make more bikinis and put in my store for another price… Until then, they will stay in Xstreet for L$1. I am sure everybody loves freebies and needs a good one. I also know that many people like to buy my bikinis to give as a gift to friends and girlfriends. What makes my customer happy makes me happy too.
Amidst all the competition in the market, you seem to have been able to carve a niche for yourself, how did you do ? and how do you keep it up ?
I don't think in competition. I just want to create things that I like. I am a person who loves to create and I'm always trying to innovate and put all my ideas in SL. I think the market is large and each one can have their own space. How do I keep? Well, I believe that anyone who is struggling, and have persistence and creativity can get everything.
What can we look forward to in your upcoming poses ? and shapes?
Many news things. I am planning to make a lot of new poses, props, maybe ballet poses, couple poses, and shapes with delicate faces, such as doll faces.
What do you like to do in your leisure time?
Shopping (mostly skins, hairs and poses), and take and editing photos.
Last question… One thing, which the world still doesn’t know about you?
I am a quiet person, do not talk much, so most people think that I am not friendly, but I am! The truth is I am very shy. I hate people who judge me before know me well.
Check out Everglow today and style up your s’life!

Interview by Patty Cortes, Founder/CEO
Photo courtesy of Fanny Willis

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