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GIA Style Scene // House of London by London Dailey

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Here is a new piece of GIA Style Scene. This regular column presents interviews and fashion identities of SL's established and upcoming fashion designers. They all make our shopping excursions fun and addictive and we all want to know what they have in mind! The following lines unveil the personality and thoughts of London Dailey, the talented mind behind the House of London. This is a concentration of high quality brands with international flair that catters to all the fashion lovers. You do not want to miss it!

BRAND NAME : House of London
DESIGNER : London Dailey
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Hello London, how are you ? Can you introduce yourself to our blog readers ?
Hi, I’m London Dailey, creator of the House of London.

Why did you name your brand “House of London” ?
Well, I needed something that looked good in type and had a certain level of class and was something that could encompass many different brands.

Could you define the spirit of your brand?
I would say for the women its very modern yet very feminine and fun style and I think for the guys it has a sort of modern toned down rocker meets Zac Efron feel.

How do you design and create your pieces ?
For the most part they start out as sketches of things I like. I actually sketch out entire collections but due to the time it takes to actually produce the garments for SL and considering that I manage, create and do customer service for 6 different stores under the House of London brand there is rarely enough time to actually have a complete collection so I just manage to put out bits and pieces of my sketches.

What were your motivations to release products outside of your clothing line such as a skin line, shoe line, to produce accessories…?
Usually when I make clothes I think about the outfit in its entirity. I think about shoes, hair and accessories. 99% of the time I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for so I decided I should make these things.

You are actually holding several sub-brand under House of London, which ones are they and what make them unique ?
Presently there the sub brands include, Pink Outfitters, Cherry, Sugar & Spice, Chinese Takeout, The Shore Shack and Fresh Fx. Billy Zero and another store that’s presently code named as Alice should open later this year followed by Pish Posh that should be open some time in 2010.

Amidst all the competition in the market, you seem to have been able to carve a niche for yourself, how did you do ? and how do you keep it up ?
That’s a really hard and interesting question. I think there are lots of contributing factors and possible theories. I have looked at how other people run their businesses in SL and tried to learn from their mistakes. I think the fact that I make more modern garments and shoes also helps. There is a much larger market for that and its much easier to sell than say early 1900s styled garments. I also believe that my good customer service skills has helped immensely. I think in the end it really comes down to the quality of the product and the way you choose to run your business. So for me it really isn’t a matter of keeping it up as you put it, I’m just doing things the way I believe they should be done. Its effortless.

Fall season is coming closer, so what can we look forward to in your upcoming collection?
I’m planning on doing more cardigans, sweaters, new jeans, plaids, stripes and something with nice deep earthy fall colors. I’m also hoping to make a jacket or two and some boots. The real question is will I be able to do it all ?

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
I love going to the movies. That’s pretty much all I end up doing when I have free time or if I’m just sick to death of looking at Photoshop.

Last question… One thing, which the world still doesn’t know about you?
That’s a tough one. Hmm…I do love English accents. They always sound so fancy and pretty. I don’t think that many people know that about me.

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Interview by Patty Cortes, Founder/CEO
Photo courtesy of London Dailey
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