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GIA Style Scene // Skin Flicks by Mavis McGettigan

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Here is a new piece of GIA Style Scene. This regular column presents interviews and fashion identities of SL’s established and upcoming fashion designers. They all make our shopping excursions fun and addictive and we all want to know what they have in mind! The following lines are all about Mavis McGettigan and her high-quality casual line. Skin Flicks offers everything from wedding gowns to sculpted shoes, all meticulously produced. Skin Flicks gives a brand new definition to virtual style… You absolutely need to visit the mainstore today!

VIP GROUP : Skin Flicks
Hello Mavis, how are you ? Can you introduce yourself to our blog readers ?
Mavis McGettigan,
~ Owner of Skin Flicks
~ Owner of Step Ahead with Jewel Munro (men’s and women’s prim feet shoe store)
~ been in the game since 2005
~ Clothing, skin, accessories designer
Why did you name your brand “Skin Flicks” ?
It started as a skins-only store, thats why the name is Skin Flicks.
Could you define the spirit of your brand?
I suppose my brand is fairly modern, I get inspiration from current fashion.
How do you design and create your pieces ?
I hand pant my clothing in PhotoShop and make sculpties in 3D studio max. I’m constantly looking for new techniques to improve my work.
What were your motivations to release a skin line, shoe line, to produce accessories…?
I would say current fashions. What I see around me inspires me, that is how it starts. But usually something totally different is made.
Lately you are working on shoes with prim feet. Is that a fastidious work ? How does the production differ from the other elements in your brand ?
The shoe/feet store is a collaboration with Jewell so I guess it has her touch in there as well as mine.
Amidst all the competition in the market, you seem to have been able to carve a niche for yourself, how did you do ? and how do you keep it up ?
Ha ha! Biggest challange in the game. I am always trying and still looking for new ways.
Fall season is coming closer, so what can we look forward to in your upcoming collection?
Still working on it and not sure exactly what is to come.
What do you like to do in your leisure time?
SL is my leisure time.
Last question… One thing, which the world still doesn’t know about you?
Not sure what ppl dont know about me, i’m pretty much an open book.
Make sure to stop by Skin Flicks today and pick up the latest shoes and quality designs by Mavis McGettigan

Interview by Patty Cortes, GIA Founder/CEO
Photo courtesy of Mavis McGettigan
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